Daily Eating Schedule

4:00 AM Awaken and pray
4:15 AM Exercise (MWF = strength training + abs; TuThSa = cardio; Su = Rest)
5:00 AM Shower, do hair, get dressed
6:30 AM Drive one child to school

On the way, drink ACV, lemon juice,  cinnamon, and cayenne pepper drink

7:00 AM Eat breakfast (e.g., grits and cheese and shrimp, Canadian bacon and oatmeal with peanut butter and banana and pecans/almonds, waffles and eggs and salsa, healthy cold cereal and Canadian bacon, etc.)
8:00 AM Drive other child to school, listening to sermon or great spiritual music
10:00 AM Eat snack #1 (e.g., apple and low fat string cheese,  cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes, etc. )
12:00 PM Eat lunch (e.g., Abs Diet burger, tuna and guacamole sandwich, roast beef sandwich, healthy salad with chicken
3:00 PM Eat snack #2 (e.g., carrots and peanut butter, grapes and healthy crackers)
5:00 PM Eat dinner (e.g., Abs Diet burger, sweet baked potato and chicken, salmon and broccoli with cheese, healthy/Paleo frozen dinner, turkey chili and chunky tomatoes and cheese)

Have iron pill and sugar-free apple cider (for better bodily uptake of iron) with maca root

7:00 PM Eat snack #3 (e.g., grapefruit and cottage cheese, or grapes and healthy crackers, etc.)
Make kids’ and my lunches and all snacks, pack school bags fully, set up children’s clothes, style and protect hair to prevent tangling and breakage, iron clothes
8:00 PM Shower; wash, treat, and/or prep hair for easy styling in the morning; spend time with spouse
9:30 PM Pray and go to sleep!