My Food Shopping List

Detox and such: Essence of Vitality; Smooth Move

Vitamins, minerals, and supplements: Iron pills, maca root powder, calcium pills, vitamin D, multivitamin

Sweeteners: Stevia, honey, 100% maple syrup

Seasoning, condiments, and such: Mustard, salsa, low-fat mayonnaise, 100% pure maple syrup, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, sea salt

For making drinks: sugar-free apple cider (for helping body’s uptake of iron pills), cayenne pepper, raw honey, lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar

Smoothie ingredients: Cinnamon, honey, low-fat butter pecan ice cream, various fruits (fresh and/or frozen), various leafy greens

For making snacks: apples, baby carrots, grapes, cherries, cherry tomatoes, grape fruits, healthy crackers, healthy peanut butter, cottage cheese, low-fat string cheese

For making breakfasts: instant grits, shrimp, instant oatmeal, healthy peanut butter, bananas, pecans, Canadian bacon, healthy cereal, healthy waffles, eggs, salsa

For making lunches: whole multigrain bread, roast beef, tuna, whole grain tortillas, avocados/guacamole, grilled chicken strips, salad/lettuce, grilled chicken strips or roasted chicken chunks, healthy/Paleo frozen dinner

For making dinners: sweet potatoes, grilled chicken strips or roasted chicken chunks, eggs, onion (fresh or dried), eggs, 90%+ lean ground beef, low-fat shredded cheese, baby spinach, salmon, broccoli, turkey chili, salsa, whole multigrain bread, healthy soup, healthy/Paleo frozen dinner