Hair Care Supplies: My Initial Minimalist List of Staples

  1. Clothy, Ouchless hair bands
  2. Diffuser
  3. Flairosol bottle (special, continuous stream spray bottle)
  4. Disposable processing caps
  5. Hair pins (plastic, brown and wider than bobby pins, such as though’s from Sally’s Beauty Supply) Image result for plastic brown hair pin
  6. Slap cap
  7. Bonnet (for nightwear, prefarably silk but satin works)
  8. Hooded Dryer
  9. Thermal conditioning cap
  10. Hair clips
  11. Optional: Steamer
  12. Optiona: Silk head covering
  13. Optional: AfroWeightz by Sprangz (can elongate wash-and-go while drying)

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