My Staple Hair Care Tools

The following are my staple hair care tools:

  1. Curly Hair Solutions Flexy Brush (a godsend!)
  2. Rat tail comb for parting
  3. Morrocco Method hair scissors for (a) cutting out knots and (b) searching and destroying
  4. GVP Pro 1800 hand-held dryer (because it is not too hot to be used with the HairFlair)
  5. Plastic processing caps (for deep conditioning, etc.)
  6. Thermal cap for deep conditioning
  7. Slap Cap
  8. Standing hair dryer to dry my wash-and-go’s
  9. 4-8 Elastic ribbon strips for banding my hair (to stretch out my wash-and-go’s or to keep my hair stretched overnight)
  10. Silk sleep cap
  11. Conair “Lift Me” pick for blending parts, lifting roots, etc.
  12. Flexirods for curly sets
  13. Microfiber Turbie towel for drying hair with minimal frizzing