My List of Staple Hair Products

Updated November 17th, 2016: My List of Staple Hair Products


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The products pictured above, collectively, permit me to do everything I need to do to care for and style my hair . . . and they perform FANTASTICALLY well on my hair.

Were I to go minimalist, I believe the collection below would work, in order of indispensablness:

  • DevaCurl Decadence One Condition (can triple as a deep conditioner, conditioner, and also — for my hair — a curl definer)
  • Komaza Care Protein Hair Strengthener (protein treatment)
  • DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel (styler)
  • Soultanicals Slip-N-Slide Knot-Proof Hair Glide (detangler I can also use as a prepoo)
  • Jakeala’s (at Honey Hair Thang Masque (can triple as a cowash, clay treatment, and deep conditioner)
  • Jakeala’s (at Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo (deep cleanser)

Updated October 30th, 2016: My Minimalist List of Staple Hair Products, in Order of Indispensableness

  • DevaCurl
    • DevaCurl Decadence One Condition
  • Komaza Care
    • Komaza Care Protein Hair Strengthener
  • Soultanicals
    • Soultanicals Slip-N-Slide Knot-Proof Hair Glide
  • Camille Rose Naturals
    • Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker
  • Kinky Curly
    • Kinky Curly Come Clean
  • Shea Moisture
    • Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Masque
    • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • Netwurks
    • Netwurks Hair Revitalizer
  • Naturalicious
    • Naturalicious Morrocan rhassoul clay wash/treatment
  • Any good brand:
    • Jojoba oil