Relevant aims include:

  • Accepting myself and God’s love of me just the way I am
  • Purposely setting myself up to succeed each day and enjoy each day
  • Enjoying each day’s blessing of life (having fun!)
  • Being able to worship with a clean, full heart
  • Accepting others and loving them
  • Complaint-free living
  • Hearing minimal negativity dumping/talk from self and others
  • Handling challenging circumstances not with an attitude of fatigue/defeat but with a high hope quotient
  • Comfortability and peace with imperfect progress

Relevant blog post categories include:

  • Emotions and Thought Life
  • Time Management
  • Spirituality and Worship
  • Relationships:
    • Love
    • Boundaries
    • Joy and Fun
  • Music
  • Fun, Social, Recreation