[The 5-Year Challenge] The Challenge’s 4 Components: Defining Success

I have challenged myself to achieve significant goals by October 2021 in these 4 areas:

  • Hair
    • Success at the 5-year Hair Challenge:
      • My hair is strong.
      • My hair’s ends are healthy.
      • My hair is full mid-back length (MBL) or beyond when stretched.
  • Body/Fitness
    • Success at the 5-year Body/Fitness Challenge:
      • My weight is between 115 and 125 pounds.
      • My stomach is flat and toned.
      • I have cardiovascular fitness.
      • I am exercising as a matter of course.
      • My legs and arms are toned.
      • I have a good level of flexibility.
  • Spirit/Soul
    • Success at the 5-Year Soul Challenge:
      • I love and accept myself just the way I am.
      • I know that God loves me just the way I am.
      • I am living out the full Serenity Prayer.
      • With intentionality, each day I purposely set myself up to succeed and to enjoy God’s blessing of life.
      • I am doing complaint-free living.
      • I live with a high Hope Quotient.
      • I am comfortable and at peace with imperfect progress, as often that’s the only kind of progress that occurs! 🙂
      • Maintaining healthy boundaries, I accept and love others, love being defined as “seeking a person’s well-being.”
  • Career
    • Success at the 5-Year Career Challenge:
      • I have completed prerequisite coursework for the new field.
      • I have completed prerequisite work experience hours for the new field.